We’ve got the third edition for you this week of a five-part series as we continue to give you hour-long deep dive content, with an invitation to join us at the next Warrior Wealth Summit.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….POWER

Golden Nugget #1: Fulfillment Strategy

  • I’m going to help you understand about quality; how your fulfillment strategy and the way you build and fulfill your business comes down to the quality of the investment in the packaging, the positioning and the process that your clients and students experience.
  • From our books to our live streams, from our black polos to our t-shirts and to our fuckin tattoos, what we do here at Warrior is about delivering unique and valuable experiences that actually ruin you, and that you might want to consider taking on the mission of ruining your clients forever.

What do your products and fulfillment say about you and your business?

Golden Nugget #2: What is Value?

  • Firstly, it’s a perspective. What is valuable to one person is not valuable to another person. We’re selective in our perspective about value. Secondly, it’s preference.
  • Value itself is ultimately identifying a problem that matters to a prospect, and that problem itself has the ability to eliminate or reduce levels of pain and bring about high levels of pleasure. And inside of all of this, you are able to take someone to a possibility.

Are you targeting the people who value your product, service or experience?

Golden Nugget #3: Hero’s Journey

  • Someone starts out on a journey and ends up in the same place he started, but he’s a different human being. He goes through a drift, he gets in a pit, he experiences a lift and he experiences re-birth.
  • Every client who’s solving a problem inside of your world is going through this experience. This journey is a journey from the problem and the pain, down into the pit, and that pit takes us up to pleasure and possibility that’s offered up. All of this is being pitched inside your marketing.

How can you use the Hero’s Journey in your marketing?

Golden Nugget #4:  Show Me the Money

  • In my first ten years as an entrepreneur, I had never once considered that the greatest money that I would make would come from my willingness to see my clients, not as a one take transaction but to invest in my clients in a way that would have them wanting to stay with me for life. I started asking myself, “What would it take to keep this client for life?”
  • There has to be a shift in where you see the value being created. Once you sell something there is a stewardship that falls upon your shoulders to deliver, and that value ladder you deliver on and the packaging and positioning, drive the pricing and the fantasy and connection of that prospect or client to you, to your brand and to the movement that you’re taking a stand for.

How do you treat your leads and your customers?

Golden Nugget #5: Client For Life

  • When I started Warrior, I made this commitment: I’m going to invest in my people first. Our goal is to always outpace your investment. My goal is to make the free shit better than what you pay for so that the shit you pay us for, gets you results fast. We expect a shit load from our clients. We expect you to work and we expect you to do shit.
  • But in order to authorize that type of demand from our students and clients, I’m going to invest in your first and I’m going to put you into a karmic debt with me. You’re going to know that when you step into a game with me in our companies, that we’re going to invest first and it’s going to put the debt on your side.

What does investment into your people look like?


If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

“When we say create value, value is determined by the consumer. Is your shit valuable? That depends. Will people pay for it? You might have valuable shit to offer, but you’re sending your advertising, sales and marketing at the wrong target, and because you’re targeting the wrong people, they don’t value you. All of it comes down to perception, perspective and preference.”

–Garrett J White