This week’s episode is from a livestream event leading up to the Warrior Wealth Summit in June of 2018. Garrett jumps into the topic of sales and ultimately the idea of frames.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….PRODUCTION

Golden Nugget #1: Maintaining a Frame

  • The beauty of technology: #1 it speeds life up and #2 it also fucks things up when it doesn’t work the way that you were intending. Livestream is a wonderful technology and is a beautiful way for us to teach train and educate. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s ok because this is all part of what it is to build a business.
  • Anytime that you and I are trying to make more money, keep more money and grow more money – anytime we’re inside the Warrior Wealth frame – we’re going to have to actually maintain the power of frame control.

What is your experience of holding a frame when technology has stopped working for you?


Golden Nugget #2: The Land of Yes or No

  • It doesn’t matter how great your marketing is if your ability to get people to do shit doesn’t exist. You have to have the courage to lead people by saying, “Here’s what I want you to do next.” Most of us don’t realize that sales is a function of leadership.
  • Sales leads people down a path of a series of decisions, and if I’ve  done my job of pre framing and framing, I’ve created conditions for a person to make a decision of yes or no. If you are a person who operates on a daily basis from a weak stance and a weak frame that says I’m okay with giving maybes, then don’t expect to be someone who can collect the yes and no’s.

How are you doing with leading your children to a yes or no answer?

Golden Nugget #3: I Am a Closer

  • Most people don’t see themselves as a closer. They think that they can be about business and creation and never have to be in the uncomfortable position of calling people to task to do shit. They dance around the conversation of commitment and they dance around the conversation of getting off the middle of maybe.
  • I Am a Closer is an identity, a willingness to look at yourself and say I am a person who ultimately commands the authority inside of my own world and inside the world of those I lead to make commitments. It’s not enough to just introduce ideas; ideas without implementation don’t matter.

Do you appreciate a woman who is direct and full of certainty, or do you think she’s a bitch?

Golden Nugget #4: Strategic Seduction

  • Strategic seduction is the process of how I build everything.  Your sales and frame begin at the first contact and the first engagement across the board. Step #1 is communicating and getting clear in your message that speaks to the problem, the pain, the powerful possibility beyond the pain, the path a person would take, wrapped up with the courage to Pitch. At this point you are looking for Permission.
  • Step #2 is giving them the data they gave you permission for in Step #1, and Step #3 is converting their mindset. This is the stage of taking someone through the most intense part of the journey of where they are and the possibility you have talked about back in Stage #1

How clear is your marketing message?


Golden Nugget #5: Reframe Their Story

  • Your prospect is in a place where they think they cannot do it. #1 Their current word view which consists of their rules and stories. #2 Their self view which is the story the person has about themselves. #3 We need to deliver a roadmap which shows them the path between the problem and the pain to the possibility to the new identity of themselves and the word in which they operate.
  • Stage #4 Compel Action. There has to be a 100% agreement by the prospect that “There is a problem, I see the pain in my life, and I want to solve it.” They become 80% committed to the reality that you are the possible solution for them. #5 Close & Commitment  – Yes or No. #6 Collect Cash. They have arrived at the place where they will not longer tolerate the problem they have and are committed to solving it.

How does your current view of yourself affect your buying decisions?


If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

“I’m not a closer simply for the sake of being a closer. I’m committed to closing because I know what’s on the line. It’s a future that you don’t even comprehend is possible. So we’re unapologetic with our close because the people who are a yes and who get it move into this step of becoming 100% connected to the fact that there is a problem, and become 100% committed to solving that problem.”

–Garrett J White