Many know Garrett J White as founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live a life of having it all, but few know of his background as a banker. Now, you will be given weekly gold in the form of tools and lessons he taught elite businesses to make money, grow money and keep money.


In This Week’s Episode….

Golden Nuggets for financial wealth to Make the Money, Keep the Money and Grow the Money with your host, Garrett J White.

Golden Nugget #1: The DTFW Topic

  • Money was the topic that started me down the path of business, having not being raised with money.
  • They gave me a commitment to work my ass off, which created the phrase: “Do the fucking work” within Warrior, or DTFW

Golden Nugget #2: Reaching the Gateway for Wealth

  • I had a desire for wealth but didn’t know how to get there, firmly believing that it’s part of my stewardship as a man in society to make money.
  • I saw money as a gateway for wealth, only thinking that sports would be the way for me to get there, in which society states that the value within a man comes down to his ability to produce.

Golden Nugget #3: Opportunities to See that Money Matters

  • Getting what I wanted came about very differently from what I initially planned as a successful football player becoming a high school coach trying to figure shit out.
  • Though I had fire and intensity, I asked myself, “Is this what I was born to do?”

Golden Nugget #4: Questioning the Way Life is Seen as Rich and Poor

  • When we have the courage to allow questions to enter our mind, I was able to find the answer in the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
  • This book challenged me to divide my world into two different categories and a clear distinction between the concept of what it means to be rich and what it means to be poor.

Golden Nugget #5: Stressed About Monthly Commitments Under the Lie that Money Doesn’t Matter

  • I went from being stressed out about consistently paying for monthly commitments, acting like money doesn’t matter.
  • There are people that have never made money and those that have never had to work for it that disrespect the topic of money.

Golden Nugget #6: The Results of What a Man Values

  • Like the scripture, “By their fruits ye shall know them,” I learned what DTFW meant within me, building an Empire for myself, hitting levels of prosperity that I never would have imagined within my life.
  • I have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, but was an arrogant prick that hadn’t built and lost anything talking about wealth in 2006 compared to the rebuilding that I’ve experienced now in 2018.

Golden Nugget #7: Blacking Out While Surfing

  • I had a near death experience while surfing that taught me a lot in regards to the exposure within myself what still needed to be worked on
  • I was told that it won’t be the last time that I experience waves like that, but that I needed to learn how to surf smarter. The same goes for having the conversation about money.

Golden Nugget #8: Building a Movement Out of Chaos

  • Get the Money, Make the Money and Keep the Money all backs its way into Power. I didn’t have the capacity to lead my teams to build a Movement out of the chaos
  • Most men will fuck up what is required to be done because they lack the power daily, weekly and monthly to do what must be done when it comes to making money.

Golden Nugget #9: Podcast Format

  • Week 1: POWER- Accessing Power through Living the Warrior’s Way
  • Week 2: PRODUCTION – what/who is the #1 Asset in investing within your life
  • Week 3: PROFIT – how to grow money that is made in the level of Production
  • Week 4: PROTECTION – the Vault; having the ability to keep the money that has been grown in the Profit section

Golden Nugget #10: See the World Differently

  • The main point of this podcast is to focus on those four key areas: Power, Production, Profit and Protection
  • Using stories, examples, case studies and actionable actions to take what is learned in the podcast to be applied to the other areas of life.


Quote of the Day:

“Money itself does not make a person anything. Money magnifies a man to himself. It is a mirror that shows us two things: 1) The value we create or the lack thereof in the marketplace and 2) demonstrates the value that we see within ourselves.”
–Garrett J White