In today’s podcast we discuss the first topic of the month: POWER. If we aren’t willing to create that power within ourselves, good fucking luck trying to create it anywhere else.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection


In This Week’s Episode….POWER

Golden Nugget #1: Assets and Liabilities Defined

  • As you may recall about Garrett’s background regarding money, he started searching for purpose and the topic of Power, linked with the principle of having a #1 Asset, getting use to being told no and learning about how to deal with rejection.
  • An Asset brings value to the table and a Liability takes the value away. The greatest liability and asset inside of your world is YOU: Time under tension and a belief in oneself is the #1 Asset an investor can learn.

What are the Assets and Liabilities within you?

Golden Nugget #2: Deal with the Scarcity Virus to Build Empires and Kingdoms

  • Building successful businesses comes about by seeing yourself that generates power, but it will not deliver up lasting results if you try to find the power outside of yourself, giving yourself permission to make, save and protect money.
  • The Scarcity Virus is this belief that there’s only a certain amount of things in your life, and when it comes to money as something that you never feel like you have inside of or around you, you will never see a world of prosperity, which was broken down in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Garrett that the greatest risk to his wealth was his psychology.

Do you see the way in which you make money from the place of scarcity or prosperity? Why?

Golden Nugget #3: Exposed to Prosperity Instead of Scarcity

  • Garrett’s wife was raised in prosperity and exposed him to a whole new life that he had never known existed, seeing that abundance was a mindset.
  • Your psychology is linked up to your capacity, and your ability to do is driven by your capacity and your power that you have as an idea of being a powerful creator to produce more to become more.

What is your psychology behind wealth? Is it scarcity driven or prosperity driven? Why?

Golden Nugget #4: Using Suits to Hide

  • For years Garrett avoided wearing suits because he used to wear them to hide, a symbol that masked the truth inside of him, no matter how much he made, feeling like he was never enough. Now he wears suits because he likes them.
  • Garrett will put his money on the guy that has fire and potential to learn what is required because of the power that he is accessing inside over the “educated” men that seem to have all of the answers because I have the thing that money can’t buy, which is certainty inside of myself. It’s the only currency that matters inside of a businessman today

What did you have to go through in order to gain certainty within yourself? If you lack certainty, what would bring that out within you?


Golden Nugget #5: Uncovering The Warrior’s Way Piece by Piece and Bit by Bit

  • It took everything falling apart for Garrett to find answers within himself after no longer being able to find them anywhere else, asking himself, “What is it that makes me feel powerful?”
  • From 2009-2012 he sought the formula, convinced that life could be measured and rebuilt back to certainty and power, going back to the basics until he found a surge of energy come to him that created what is now known as the Core 4 (Body, Being-Spirituality, Balance-Family, which came later, and Business).

What makes you feel powerful?


If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

“One of the greatest challenges when it comes to the business of wealth has little to do with tactics and tools and a lot to do with the commitment within you. It’s not about the lack of knowing what to do, but not having the courage and power required to produce the results that you desire. When it comes to building wealth, the one place you need to build stability is the stability inside of YOU.”


–Garrett J White