You get access to a closed-door training from  the 2017 Warrior Wealth Summit in this week’s podcast that focuses on The Formula: Facts + Feelings + Focus = Fruit. What does this all mean? It’s a powerful formula that creates a purpose-driven life. And when we have Purpose, we have relevancy, which brings forth incredible power. The key is to implement it into your life consistently in order to obtain the greatest results.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….POWER

Golden Nugget #1: Where Are You At Right Now?

  • I have eliminated so much waste in my life in conversations of collision with other human beings because I put a timer on it. I’m listening and listening and then just cut people off. I’m like awesome, sounds great, where are you at right now?
  • Most human beings do not live right now. They jump back and forth from the past into the future – shit I did yesterday, shit I’ll do tomorrow. They are ignoring ‘now’ thinking they can obtain some amazing target and blessing from heaven that will miraculously show up in the future with no change now.

Where do you live and operate your life most often from: the Past, Present or Future?

Golden Nugget #2: Facts and Feelings

  • The present moment is your fulcrum. If you do not have the facts, you have no leverage. The man who has the most facts about what’s really going on controls the entire negotiation every single fucking time. My facts will always trump your fiction.
  • We have to clear the game of their feelings, and to do this you’ve got to get the feelings out of the person you are talking to. If you try to nail someone to the wall with just the facts and they have not released their feelings about the facts, they will hate you and they won’t see the facts.

What facts in your life must you get really clear about?

Golden Nugget #3: No Stack?  No Attack

  • We get triggered into future fantasy or past pain. Past pain begins to distort future possibilities. The only way out of this for me is by doing a Stack, which is a series of structured questions written out as a purpose-driven journal entry. This is one of the most powerful tools inside of Warrior, so when I get stuck in fantasy, everyone else around me becomes a target, as well, because they enter my fantasy thoughts.
  • The piece we have to engage with inside of ourselves is that you have to murder the fantasy in you. If you cannot murder the fantasy inside of yourself, you have no right to lead because you are a madman leading people to a very dark place. North Korea is a perfect example of this.

When was the last time you journaled about something that was bothering you?

Golden Nugget #4: The Fruit and the Chasm

  • The ultimate game is for you to gather the facts on a person:  the facts about their fruit in the past, the facts about their fruit in the present, and the facts about the fruit they desire in the future. Everything begins with the facts. The fastest way to pull someone out of their past is to get them squarely present in the future by getting them squarely present in the now. You cannot grow from your past by looking at your past.
  • Once I have done these two things – closed up the past and brought in the present and the future – what I’ve opened up is the Chasm. The Chasm is this void, a giant pit that exists between today and tomorrow, and there is a foundation under all of this which you must provide for each individual, and that is Focus.

What questions do you ask your clients to gather facts about them? Are they effective?

Golden Nugget #5: Focus

  • The #1 challenge that people face coming out of fantasy is the ability to focus. Amidst the chaos that is happening all around them, how do you actually get someone to focus? Once we set a big target for them, we bring them back to today and ask them: What is the first thing you could do today?
  • Part of your goal when you get someone to the ledge of the chasm is that you have to be the lunatic that gets them to jump. You as a leader have to lead them to the edge with the facts, the feelings and the fruit – with a vision on the future – and then have them jump.

What experiences have you had when you were frozen on the ledge afraid to jump?


If you cannot murder the fantasy inside of yourself, you have no right to lead because you are a madman leading people to a very dark place.


Quote of the Week:

“You only take them as far into the Chasm as you have the skills to bring them back out.”

–Garrett J White