Power is a hard concept to grasp when we don’t learn how to fight for it. Garrett tackles another week on Power inside of the strategy to gain Wealth in admitting that it’s a Challenge to be a man, especially a businessman that has to support not only himself but hitting payroll and increasing the money that he’s made in the first place. Fortunately for us all, his background in the banking industry has given him tools to face the pressures of being a businessman that is focused on accumulating wealth.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….POWER

Golden Nugget #1: Hope. Dream. Believe

  • One of the hardest games to explain to an employee is that you have to be a special kind of crazy to want to run a business. Every morning when you wake up, there’s this fucking shit show that begins in your mind with thousands of stories of fear, doubt, worry and stress about all of your financial responsibilities and commitments.
  • In his younger days, the two major financial commitments going on inside of Garrett’s world that he would stress about and lose his mind over, were his $20 cell phone contract and his $40 gym membership contract. Six months into the mortgage game with a negative financial IQ, Garrett eventually hits rock bottom inside a tiny cubicle where he hears the voice of Robert Kiyosaki through his shitty little headphones giving him the message of “hope, dream, and continue to believe.”

How have your financial responsibilities and commitments changed through the years?

Golden Nugget #2: Perspective and Capacity

  • Perspective is the only thing that gives us the power and the tools that we actually need. That it is our responsibility: to stay in a powerful perspective that gives you and I the opportunity to actually continue to create. My capacity and my perspective are directly correlated: there is a symptom and there is a source, and there’s a correlation between them that I am seeing.
  • Most businessmen are limited by what they can see as a possibility. In order to change your perspective – in order to change what you can see and in order for you to paint a possibility that does not currently exist inside of you today – you have to actually shift the perspective that you have that is empowered by the power that you experience.


What do you personally do to shift your perspective?

Golden Nugget #3: Be-Do-Have

  • Who you’re being, ultimately empowers what you are able to do, and what you’re doing ultimately delivers what you’re having. Your being is 80%-90% of your success in your doing.
  • What I’m having today vs what I was having as a PE teacher; what I’m having today vs what I was having as a mortgage broker; what I’m having today, is in direct relationship to what I’m doing.

How is who you are being affecting what you are having and experiencing in your life and business?

Golden Nugget #4: Your Sleeping Patterns and Morning Routines Mean Everything

  • When men ask me how to lead with more power inside of their business,  I ask them about their morning routine and their sleeping patterns. These two things will have some of the greatest impacts inside a man’s business and life than you could ever imagine. Fatigued men make fucking shitty decisions
  • Your nervous system affects everything. It is arguably the tree of life inside your body. Your heart, brain, and nervous system are all connected must have sleep. Creative flow comes from a body that is rested, and when it’s not you become a fucking lunatic inside the war of the game.

How ruthless and lethal is your morning routine? Do you even have a morning routine?

Golden Nugget #5: Take Mental Shits With the Stack

  • Your purify your mind by getting all the shitty thoughts out of it. It’ s like taking a mental shit. When you go bed at night and then wake up in the morning, your mind is filled with shit. It doesn’t have truth in it. Most of you when you wake up go straight to social media and your mind is using all of that shit in its paranoid state to create fucking chaos in your mind.
  • I use a tool every morning and I take a mental shit – literally. I get all of my negative thoughts out. I just vomit them. I type them up, I let my rage, anger, frustration and stress out in this strategic game of about 47 questions, and at the end I am done taking a shit and I have a clear action to take.

Figure out what you need to do in order to get some Power in the morning – and then begin doing it.


If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

“It’s very simple. If you want to produce more, you must have more power. If you want more power, you must have it all – which means, you must hit your Core 4 every single morning before you hit the door to go to war. You must take a shit through the stack, and attack with the stack the issues and triggers of your day every single morning. You must sleep well, and you must have a morning routine that works every day of the week.”

-Garrett J. White