Garrett gives you another clip from one of the LIVE Warrior events, this time the Warrior Business Summit from October 2017, which goes over this week talking about the King’s Vault, taking us down this continuous conversation about Protection, and that begins to have purpose when what a man stands for MEANS something. Within the belief system of living the Warrior’s Way, we are able to share the way that we live and what we stand for by making money, keeping money and growing money for one’s legacy, which is stored within the King’s Vault.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….PROTECTION

Golden Nugget #1: Building Your Kingdom is Connected to Purpose

  • This is about Legacy. This is about creating a life that matters. This is about leaving bread crumbs for your children so that they can do it better than you did. It’s about protecting the life you have built. If Profitability becomes the standard inside your business and inside of your life, then the possibility to live your Purpose is unleashed.
  • When you have no Purpose, there is no desire to protect that which you build and that which you say you hold close to your heart. Hopeless men cannot lead. Broke men cannot lead. Men without money will struggle to lead. The Voice cannot lead you when you do not have the resources to be used.

What actions are you going to take today to get connected with your Purpose?

Golden Nugget #2: Don’t Be a Cheap Bastard

  • When to spend money and when to save money is a balancing act. If you have learned how to make money, at some point you have to see your life and investing in the experiences and legacy with your children, as worthy to invest in.
  • You might be the guy who blows all of this money so he doesn’t have enough to take care of his family, or you are such a tight bastard that you devalue your Queen, won’t pay for the fucking ballet lessons for your kids, and end up being served divorce papers by your wife during your vacation because you’ve shown your wife and family that they aren’t worth shit.

When are you going to start investing in your life: in your wife, your kids, and yourself?

Golden Nugget #3: The Queen Has to Live and Thrive

  • I had never included my wife in the ‘King Eats First’ principle, which was not only causing chaos in my marriage, but was not creating an element of safety or security for my wife. This led me to this idea of  creating utter safety and stability for my wife by wrapping her up in a bubble of protection instead of exposing her to the elements.
  •  I started putting money into an account every single month that my Queen has complete control over. It’s literally the ‘fuck off’ account,  and it’s also the stability account because at any given time she can open up the app on her phone and recognize that even though I am making a lot of ‘crazy’ moves in business, she knows that back home she has fuck off money. One of the best business decisions I have ever made.

What are you getting from this conversation right now?

Golden Nugget #4: The Castle Must Have Protection

  • Cash is King in business. The business must have a vault and you’ve got to raise the floor in sustainable cash in the business. The business cannot continue to redline every month and your teams must know that you are not redlining. You have to get to a place where cash reserves exist for the business
  • You are going to make decisions inside your business to build a movement that sometimes requires great amounts of cash.You need to make these moves without being in paranoia and scarcity. Do you currently have a vault of cash in your business that is not touched but is simply in play, protected from lawsuits and scrutiny, that sits in a situation that protects the business and your future?

What steps will you begin taking today to move away from a place of paranoia and scarcity and into a place of Abundance?

Golden Nugget #5: The Mega Vault Backs Everything

  • The Empire Vault or The Legacy Vault: This is the life and the breath of your Empire and Legacy. It is the red hot core of everything that exists. It is what fuels the war. The war is won by those who have the most advanced weaponry and the ability to support and sustain their military forces. It requires money.
  • Building a movement is risky business because that means you are going to piss people off, and when you piss people off they attack. It’s not if, it’s a guarantee. Be willing to take a stand for something and guess what will come to your front castle door? An army to fight you.

What is inside your Mega Vault?


If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!




Quote of the Week:

“As men, we have lost the ability to have tokens and symbols that remind us of our codes, values and honor in our own lives. Most of us operate our day to day lives with very little to remind us of what we’ve been called to do. The Warrior’s Way is a belief system. It sits at the core of all my businesses. And inside of that code, the external expression of that as a man, a provider and a King comes down to three things: Make Money, Keep Money and Grow Money.”

– Garrett J White