In this week’s episode, we take a peek inside the recent Warrior Business and Leadership Summit where Garrett leads businessmen through a series of conversations and exercises surrounding the topic of strategic marketing and how vital it is to the life and growth of their companies.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….PRODUCTION

Golden Nugget #1: Throw Yourself Under the Bus

  • Most individuals have been taught to look perfect. We actually want to follow people who are not perfect. We want to follow people who fucking execute. When you begin to undress yourself with your words and you expose yourself to the world – when your show your humanity – you do it from power, not from a weak place, not from a victim place, but from a place of energy.
  • Social media is filled with victims. They’re throwing themselves under the bus and asking you to save them. We strategically throw ourselves under the bus so we can show them how we pulled ourselves out: Hey, I was under the bus, I pulled myself out. If you want pulled out from under the bus I might be your guy because I know a few things about being underneath the bus.

What are your results from strategically throwing yourself under the bus?

Golden Nugget #2: Back Your Message With Money

  • Numbers tell stories. Everybody’s got an idea to lead, everyone wants to build a movement, and everybody wants to build some shit until it costs money. Then you divide the posers from the players. The players know that no movement exists without money.
  • Money is what pushes your message out into the world so that others can see it; it’s what funds the movement and its growth. If you don’t have the courage to back your message with money, what belief do you actually have of your message? Zero.

How much money did you back your message with in the last 30 days? Does it back your true commitment to your message or is it lacking? Why or why not?

Golden Nugget #3: Your People Are An Asset

  • Right after your advertising is your people. Put some sales in the middle so we can keep the people. Be straight with them, let them know what is happening. Transparency is crucial.
  • You have a powerful group of smart people surrounding you – let them help you. When they are passionate about what you do, they will stay up late and work on things over the weekend with you to fix shit.



What steps will you take today to create a transparent environment? What belief or story do you need to let go of in order to make this happen?

Golden Nugget #4: Advertising: The Habit That Sets You Free

  • Advertising is the arching bridge that will set you free in building a movement. Your current networks are too small to go find the people with the problems in the pain who want the pleasurable possibility in the pit that you create, who will go the distance to find you. They don’t know you exist.
  • If shit is tight, you take everything you have and double down on marketing. Your only chance out is sales, and you can’t make sales if you don’t market. You pull all the money from advertising but you keep all of your people? That’s a guarantee you are going to have to fire them in six months.

How would you define a lead inside your business? How much is a qualified client worth to you and how much are you willing to pay to get one?

Golden Nugget #5: You Must Become a Mathematician

  • Math backs my movement. This math and this equation TDS/TL = CPL changed my whole fucking game. This is how Warrior rose. You must become a mathematician. You must fall in love with math. Feelings won’t cut it. Learn to love numbers.
  • If you don’t live by a Code inside your life of telling the fucking truth, it’s impossible to get the math to actually line up. You won’t look at the math at what it really is, you will create fiction around your facts.

Do you know your numbers? If not, what are you going to do about it?



If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

“Looking back, I don’t know how the fuck I ran a business. The only thing I can gather is that I had a lot of Red Bulls. Most of the time I didn’t have the numbers and couldn’t live in the facts. Most of my numbers were being driven by fantasy and fiction. I made business moves on fantasy and fiction, hoping that my fantasy and fiction would become facts.”

Garrett J White