Garrett is joined for the first time by special guests in this, the final public episode of Warrior Wealth. If you’ve enjoyed the Warrior Wealth podcast and have gotten value from it, Garrett’s encouragement to you is to get off the fuckin freebie sideline and get into the game by heading on over to,, or

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power

Week 2: Production

Week 3: Profit

Week 4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode….POWER

Golden Nugget #1: Storytelling

  • Garrett: Jeremy Finlay has been with me from the very beginning. Over the last four years, he has done tens of millions of dollars in sales by taking the belief and concept known as the Warrior’s Way to the marketplace. He has successfully designed and marketed a message that is actually unsexy and very unattractive: admit that you are a liar, you are full of shit, and you are absolutely the cause of all your pain.
  • Jeremy: Most people think that advertising and marketing are the same thing, which is not true. They’re very different in approach. Distinguishing the difference allows you to see the difference, and being lethal at both allows you to separate the conversation. Advertising has to do with who you’re speaking to, and marketing has to do with what you’re saying, which is the message that is being delivered to the audience.


What are you doing to level up your marketing and advertising skills?

Golden Nugget #2: Stockton to Malone

  • Garrett: Coach Sam Falsafi has been responsible for over 15 million dollars in personal, one on one, over the phone sales for Warrior. He is our lead coach and trainer. For Sam, the idea of sales has now turned into this idea of someone who brings it to a conclusion; someone who closes the loop that was initially incepted by marketing.
  • Sam: Advertising and marketing positions a leader to actually take the next step and bring it to close. Maybe it positions a video as the leader, maybe it’s a physical person on the phone – whatever it may be, marketing positions the leader, and the leader brings it to a conclusion.

What is your understanding of your position as a leader?

Golden Nugget #3: Deploy the Weapon

  • Garrett: Jeff  McGregor dabbles in money and finances, high-level conversations about strategy, and where we’re going with the movement in general. He plays a key role when it comes to operations and finances. He and his team are the true foundation of Warrior.
  • Jeff is the glue that makes fast execution sustainable. He brings order to the chaos. The beginning of 2017 was all about building the foundation –  every time we took a step forward, it was all about solidifying that level rather than just finding new routes.

What condition is your foundation in?

Golden Nugget #4: Universal Language

  • Jeremy: Warrior changes your perspective of money. It changed mine. Money is not about money. Money is about freedom. Through Warrior, we change our perspective on what freedom means to us. This whole conversation about having it all is a nice catchy saying, but its’ s deep in terms of the way we express what true freedom looks like in our lives. The Universal language of freedom is money.
  • Jeff: Where I came from, money needed to be kept in safekeeping whereas here, money is used to create new opportunities, and out of those opportunities, things develop, grow and change, and create more opportunities. It’s almost like a multiplier in a sense vs something that gets consumed. The key point is that it’s used to create the opportunities for others to hear and live the message of the Warrior’s Way.

What is your story about money?

Golden Nugget #5: Loop of Survival vs Loof of Purpose

  • Sam: A man who is in the loop of purpose has a different relationship with money than a man who is stuck in the loop of survival. If we get stuck in that loop of survival for too long, we won’t have an opportunity to think about our purpose. There are so many men we talk to who are stuck in the survival loop. It takes an awakening message and a path for them to leap and find themselves in the purpose loop.
  • Jeremy: Warrior wouldn’t be where it is if we just focused on keeping the cash that we’ve made. If you’re in the survival loop of “we have to keep everything just in case something bad happens,” you’re not going to innovate. We’ve been able to grow so much because we’ve kept some cash, but we also understand there’s a purpose here; we’re not just here to keep it. Is your mindset shackling the cash you have?

What loop do you find yourself operating from most of the time?


If the King doesn’t rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

“Going forward with this podcast, it will become a Warrior Weekly training that will answer the questions and insights that exist around the topics of making money, keeping money, and growing money.”

–Garrett J White

“What does abundance mean? What does prosperity feel like to you? It isn’t about the money, it’s about the ability to expand. Money is a tool we use to reach our potential as men. Money becomes neither here nor there in terms of good or evil, it becomes the tool of freedom.”

–Jeremy Finlay

“With Jeff covering the foundation, two things came out of that: the maintenance of the roads and prevention, and looking forward into possible issues that could arise and course correcting before these issues actually show up so we never end up in a dead end.”

–Sam Falsafi

“It’s going to be a deeper dive approach to numbers. There has to be intention and purpose behind the numbers all the way down to the bottom line. At the end of the day, the bottom line matters also.”

–Jeff McGregor